Village projects

Sibbertoft is a thriving village, and there are usually a few projects underway, either by villagers or the parish council. Here are some current and past projects:


A group of parishoners with a keen interest in biodiversity are trialling a plantlife road verge campaign in collaboration with the Parish Council. The aim of the project is to return some of the native wild flowers to the village and the associated insects and microfauna. Further information can be found here.

Community Speed Watch

Well done and thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to the Community Speed Watch Scheme over the 6 weeks it was held during the summer. We hope to be running another Speed Watch campaign in 2017. If anyone wishes to be part of the team, please contact the Clerk.

Recreation Ground

In addition to the pirate ship, Sibbertoft recreation ground has been recently upgraded with new equipment including a rotabounce, team swing and picnic table. This was made possible with a grant from the National Lottery matching funds from the Parish Council.

The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship is one of our greatest ameneties. A team of dedicated volunteers from the village built the play ship from scratch, based on a concept devised by Mark Bickerstaff. The two year project began in 2012 and culminated in 2014 with a prize for ‘Volunteer of the Year’ at the Star Awards. The Pirate Ship can be found at the village recreation ground.


The Pound


Pounds or Pinfolds date from an era of the three field agricultural system before land was enclosed. Straying stock was impounded and released on payment of a fine. This pound is thought to be of Victorian origin and was last used by the linesman/ roadman for the village, a Mr George Brooks to store his wheelbarrow and tools for maintaining the parish bounds.

It was almost totally demolished in the late 1970’s by the Parish Council due to Safety concerns but was recently rebuilt using traditional materials to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee

The War Memorial


The refurbishment of the war memorial is complete. The stonework was cleaned and the lettering re-chased. A new hedge was planted at the rear of the war memorial and planting pruned. The steps to the memorial were re-pointed.