Out and About

Things to do in Sibbertoft and the surrounding area:

Exploring the Area…

…On Foot

A number of footpaths pass through the village, which provide a fabulous way to explore the surrounding countryside. As well as numerous footpaths (located on OS explorer 223), the Jurassic Way (external site) passes through Sibbertoft on its journey from Banbury in Oxfordshire to Stamford in Lincolnshire. A recently developed trail also exists to the north of the village allowing exploration of part of the civil war landscape.

…With a Bicycle

Sibbertoft is at the heart of many cycle routes that take advantage of the beautiful countryside and relatively quiet roads. A number of national cycle paths pass through the village, such as:

The Market Harborough circular And routes 6 and 64 of the National Cycle Network

….By Narrowboat

Sibbertoft is close to the Grand Union Canal, which presents a fabulous opportunity to explore the countryside from the water. More information can be found at Foxton Locks and Welford Wharf.

Local Amenities

Avalanche Adventure (external site)

Cromwell Caravan Storage (external site)

Brook Meadow (external site)

The Gliding Centre (external site)

The Gliding Centre at Husbands Bosworth

Hedgerow planting scheme

The Gliding Centre at Husbands Bosworth has arranged to plant 1230m of hedge row comprising 6075 whips along the Southern boundary of the airfield, adjacent to the Sibbertoft Road. When these mature in a few years they will form a valuable and attractive asset to the area.

As well as assisting in reducing the potential flooding the hedge will over time support a wide range of small mammals, birds, amphibians and insects contributing to the diversity of species in the county, which has the second lowest woodland cover in the UK. The hedgerow will replace an existing fence, and will be trimmed annually to allow the public to continue to view the gliders from the roadway. The hedgerow plants absorb CO2 while growing, and over time will contribute to offsetting some of the emissions associated with the sport of gliding. The British Gliding Association has a policy of encouraging clubs to improve the ecological value of airfields and this work is in line with these aims.

It is intended that this hedgerow will be established before our major event the Women’s World Gliding Championship 2022 is held during the summer.

We are supported in this project by the Harborough Woodland Community Volunteers under their Natural Flood Management scheme, and Leicester County Council under their Ash Die Back scheme, with advice and support from Harborough District Council.

The Harborough Woodland Community Volunteers which includes our local community will be planting the hedgerow on the 7th, 8th and 9th January 2022, and there will be preparatory activity along the Sibbertoft Road around that time.