The Parish Council is funded by a local tax called the Precept.

This figure is set annually by the PC, (usually at the December meeting) and advised to Daventry DC who include it in their annual Council Tax details.

The current precept is £13,000. These funds allow the PC to cover all the administration costs required to maintain the village and also provide funds for specific projects.

All related documentation is available for inspection at the year-end when the accounts are completed following an independent internal audit and overview by centrally appointed external auditors, who not only check the figures, but also ensure that any payments made have been properly authorised within the legal framework that controls PC expenditure.

Over the past few years the PC has endeavoured to build up its reserves. This is in line with our auditor’s recommendations and will allow us to continue to improve various aspects of the village. It also provides a contingency for any unforeseen circumstances. In addition to the Precept funding, the PC has actively, and successfully, pursued any grant monies that have been available, which help to finance specific projects.

Public Access to Financial Accounts

The following can be downloaded directly or you can contact the Clerk at  If you wish to view any of the supporting documents in person, following strict guidelines governing the Parish Council, you can only do this for the period outlined below.


Budget information can be found in link below from 2015 onwards

Budget – includes 2022-2023

Register of Assets